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Youth for Christ is growing in the northwest suburbs! With sites in Arlington Heights, Rolling Meadows, Lake Zurich, Cary, Barrington, Stevenson, Wheaton, St. Charles, and Downers Grove we have seen God do big things.

Mission in Motion is the largest fundraising event of the year for us and every dollar raised is matched by a very generous donor. That means $100 becomes $200, and so on. Would you consider joining us in this mission by riding, giving, fundraising or all three?

Alex has a complicated life to say the least. His lackluster relationship with his parents is most likely attributed to their splintered marriage and consistent anger at home. His bottomed out grades hover on the edge of failing. His constant turnstile of relationships with friends and girls are very much his own doing. At this point, it would be safe to say that even he can recognize the need for life change.

We met Alex in the thick of this mess. He showed up at our home for a club night on the recommendation of friends genuinely worried about him. It was easy to spot the weight of his baggage that his story carries from the moment he walked in. Our conversation topic that night: letting go.

The experience sparked interest in him that night. He quickly became a regular attender and the process of letting go and healing began. While it is safe to say he is merely beginning a journey, God has done mighty work already. We have had mountains to climb with helping him identify the blindspots in his life and urging him to overcome the disastrous decisions he makes. His coping choices for his broken home life have been far from healthy but we have reached a level of trust in our relationship with him to openly encourage to let those things go.

Will you pray for our time with him? Pray that his bitterness for family can be replaced with peace from the Gospel. Pray that he copes with God's Word instead of alcohol and drugs. Pray that he finds a better kind of pleasure to chase in Jesus than the girls he surrounds himself with. And pray for our leaders as we love on him and grow our relationship.



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Team Members
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